I’m listening to the OST of Smash Bros 3DS and legitimately am moved by it to the point of stimulation.

I like how I look in glasses.

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Just took the worst test of my life. I don’t even know if that’s true.
Don’t ask me about it, don’t even regard it. I just needed to vent the fact that I’ve never had such test related anxiety before in my lifetime.

I want to smash really big things.

Wonka taking a very important stand on behalf of nerds everywhere.

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Anonymous asked:
You're just another shitty gamergate mobster


I personally am striving to be a #GamerGate Gang Star

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Eating dinner with my roommate when he says,

"When you order delivery for our apartment, order from Marcos."

I stare at him and ask, “Why? Is it half off?”

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Anonymous asked:
if you ever have the time i think you'd enjoy the manga "immortal rain" :)

I’ll give it a look. Thanks :)

"Annie is still in the Crystal;

Ymir is still in the Christa.”

-My response to a fan question in my Attack on Titan Panel

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Had another Shingeki panel, this time at Umicon. Pictures soon.

Happy to have my beloved jakesenglishmuffin aka #1 favorite Jean cosplayer in attendance.

If you were in attendance, feel free to ask me anything we didn’t go over at the panel.

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I want to be doing something. 

I guess it’s going to end up being sleeping.

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I like Figmas over statues because Posable joints means all of your figures can be Jojo related.

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You know you’re way too into Attack on Titan when the first thing you see in this photo is a Titan destroying Wall Maria.

I’m way too into Attack on Titan.

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My friend just sent me this photo to verify that the world is ending.

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I don’t think I shared this one.

Taken by The Party Pope who remains one of the best attendees of SGC as well as Bill here, who is the best Bill cosplayer I have ever seen.

Bless the holy father.

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