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please be courteous this 4th. of July if you have a veteran in your neighborhood 

actually signal boost this please

be respectful of people and animals this july 4th.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder keeps our service men and women over there when they’ve been long over here. Please be courteous and remember that the sounds can hurt in more ways than one.

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To all my followers and friends, I’ll be hosting an Attack on Titan discussion forum at this year’s AFO. The panel will be all about discussing the series of Shingeki no Kyojin and talking about some of the awesome theories, characters and more to come from it.

I know not all of you can attend, so I thought of a way you can still make your voice heard. If you want your ideas or opinions shared at the panel, simply reblog this post and write what you think as a comment. I’ll be going through the notes throughout the month of July until the event. All comments chosen will be credited to the author.

Some suggestions for Submissions:

  • Theories
  • Favorites
  • Jokes
  • Trivia

That about sums it up. Make sure to follow my blog to get any updates on the event and remember to have fun! I look forward to reading your submissions.

Okay, so I’m a pretty big offender when it comes to bad puns.

Only reblog if you get it. Try not to give it away.

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I have a lot of Shingeki reaction images on each computer I own.

On each PC I own, I’ve got a unique reaction folder, and on each Shingeki collection, I’ve got a Sub-genre of Jean. This is what Jean’s folder looks like on this rig.

Did I mention I love Jean? Best Shingeki.

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You know those memes where people write “HEAVY BREATHING”?

This picture actually that to me for about 10 full seconds.

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Was writing something when I forgot to place a space between the words “or” and “a”. Now my computer screen is in a thousand pieces.

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In just two days, I get to piss off an entire country.


My entire country.

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Something I’ve been wondering about is the way Titan sizes are determined. 

It is generally accepted that the bigger the titan, the stronger the titan. This all is fine and dandy, but what determines the strength and size of that titan before it turns into one?

I want to say that the titan size is determined by one of two things:

  1. Power of the Person
  2. Size/Age of the Person

There are a few instances in which we see humans that become titans, so this is where it gets into the details.

Firstly, there are the shifters. All of them are roughly the same age, and as far as their sizes go, Colossal, Eren, and Annie are similar in stature as Titans. This matches up with their physique in real life, though Eren’s titan gets a bit taller than one would expect.

Likewise, there are two shifters that do not properly match up. The Dancing Titan and the Colossal Titan both have vastly different sizes, especially relative to their human counterparts. Both of them tend to be taller than other people in the cast when human, so that explains Colossal, but not Dancing.

Next up we have this titan, found in Connie’s village. 

As far as this titan goes, it was reported as being incomplete, as if it didn’t grow properly. This titan wasn’t all that young at the time of transformation, so there is a chance that it was too weak to create a sizable titan however we know that the energy of the user does have an effect on the transformation process. This is shown when Eren was trying to master hardening. We know that his Titan also grew smaller the more he forced himself to do it.

Much like the other titan, Eren’s was incomplete. 

This leads me to the conclusion that the size of a titan is determined by the power of the user upon transformation, with exceptions coming only from shifters that can determine what parts of the body need special attention.

Lastly, even though it was in the OVA, if we take a look at this image of the team turned into Titans, we can measure their power. 

So what can we learn? Mikasa is incredibly powerful at 15M, Jean is around 7M, Armin at 4-5M, Christoria is angelic at maybe 9 or 10 Meters, and Connie is a joke of a Titan at around 2M or less.

Titan size is a measure of the power the user has. Likewise, the exceptions (as always) come from shifters. At the same time, one can measure a shifter’s power by the size/skills of the Titan they create.

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The story of how four friends found the perfect place to hang out and destroy each other

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There is a lot of content online that vilifies the “Friend Zone”.

It’s simple: Guys AND Girls- if you know a person you want to date, you ask them. If they say no, that’s not friend zoning, that’s simply a rejection. If you were friends prior, you’re not friend zoned, you just don’t enter the tier that is “relationship”.


You’re not getting “Put in the friend zone”, you’re just not going past Friend. There’s no magical area you end up in, the person just doesn’t have interest in you beyond that. It’s not some crime. It sucks for many, sure, but don’t be stupid. There are so many other people in the world that you don’t need to be hung up on one who you want to pursue.

Besides, being unhappy about not being more than a friend if the person doesn’t want that is honestly selfish. If you care more about your own disappointment than them being happy, you’d have likely been a pretty lousy partner anyway.

Thinking of putting together a nintendo fanboy(and girl) circle jerk. Who’s in?

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This is the epitome of my tumblr.

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