I like Figmas over statues because Posable joints means all of your figures can be Jojo related.

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You know you’re way too into Attack on Titan when the first thing you see in this photo is a Titan destroying Wall Maria.

I’m way too into Attack on Titan.

My friend just sent me this photo to verify that the world is ending.

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I don’t think I shared this one.

Taken by The Party Pope who remains one of the best attendees of SGC as well as Bill here, who is the best Bill cosplayer I have ever seen.

Bless the holy father.

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Me as Stroheim

props made by https://www.facebook.com/TimlecmanCosplay

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We go forward.


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This was really beautiful.

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Sunday Morning at around 4:00 AM the Indiegogo page of The Fine Young Capitalists was hacked by accessing Matthew’s Indiegogo account. The Hackers were able to modify the Indiegogo page, deleting all the information and replaced the description with text stating the campaign had been closed, on…


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My boy Machamp rockin’ the reveal.

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Just finished Jojo Part 6. I really liked it as things went on. At first I didn’t much care and saw it as an obstacle to pass in order to reach Steel Ball Run, but now I find myself really appreciating it so much. My only real concern is that the Big Bad was more or less a nobody relative to the greatness that is DIO. Kira was also a terrific villain, as well as the Pillar Men. This arc’s antagonist relied too heavily on characters that had their own motivations. Sure, DIO does this in part 3, but that’s because of how alluring he is. We don’t see him until the end there, but have to deal with this guy for the whole arc. Likewise, Kira didn’t really have so many asspulls compared to everything Pucci went through.

I feel like there was too much dependence on the predecessors of the characters which prevented them from feeling quite as original. What’s more, this forces the characters to have escalated power levels compared to what Jotaro has, which is already considered the best. New players always meant starting small and growing into themselves, but this was more of starting big and ending bigger than Gurren Lagann’s universal setting. Big Bad’s ideals were twisted and the ultimate resolution of them that gave us the ending we got almost upsets me for a few reasons. Additionally, the lack of Giorno really disturbed me as well given how important the sons of Dio were to the arc. I felt like there was some missed opportunity for all of the Jojo’s to come together to stop Pucci. If Jotaro can be in Arc 3, 4, 5 (phone call) and 6, it really was clear that the story is no longer Joestar but instead Kujo, as Pucci says.

Also, in arcs 4 and 5, the team eventually got a designated healer out of their resident Jojo, but this doesn’t happen here, and leaves the injuries that they get to be ignored. This is moderately annoying given the lack of explanation for wounds being healed so quickly, even if it is a manga.

Also a sidenote, Araki’s art shift from the first arc until now isn’t really my preferred style. The original characters look fine, but seeing Jotaro in the newer style didn’t really do it for me. Also the characters all sort of lost their uniqueness compared to the crazy variety that came in past arcs. Part 5 suffered from this as well, I might note.

Spoiler: In the end, seeing characters go through an ordeal only for none of them to remember it save maybe one really frustrates me. All of their growth and development is sacrificed for the alternate timeline that is created.

In a sense, because of it, Steel Ball Run makes more rational sense, but still… things with Pucci got way out of hand. Regardless, Araki experimented with some cool Philosophical concepts and they worked well.

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I started breathing heavily.

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reasons to read jojo’s bizarre adventure: there’s a part where a guy with a pompadour summons his partially nude pink fighting spirit to punch his friend’s spaghetti because he does not trust the italian chef

O_O I can’t believe it. If I hadn’t read this myself, I’d have called it absurd, but this is exactly what happens.

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got to rock Polnareff this weekend

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As I’ve been playing Pokemon Y, each time I Super Train, I find the expressions the game shares to be straight out of an anime.

Apparently, someone else agreed. <3


Just was notified that this image is made by an artist called GraphiteKnight! Talk about IMPRESSIVE work! I just followed them and you should too!!

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Anonymous asked:
(Psst, dude, the Armstrong and Chespin picture you posted is actually a repost! The original artist is GraphiteKnight! I'm sure it's an accident, but you may want to instead reblog the original post uvu)

A lot of the photos that I post that don’t have sources I got off of boards on 4chan and other anonymous sources. Unfortunately, that leaves me with a lot of unknown stuff that I went and shared because I thought it was cool but had no record of the artist name.

I definitely will go back and look for that image. (Pretty sure I posted it a long ass time ago when X and Y came out). Thanks for connecting the dots.

For all of you who follow my tumblr for the shingeki posts, let me know what you’d like to see. I haven’t been catering to that side for a while and feel it’s time to give back.

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